Monday, July 27, 2009

iHeartfaces Week 29

At The Beach-

Gotta love the sun =)

Da Beach =)

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fix-it Friday 21

I've never done a Fix-it Friday before, so don't get mad if this is horrible. =)



Okay... so I'm gonna try to make this sound easy?

First I used a healing brush to even out the skin.
Then I messed with the levels a little.
Then I cropped the image.
Then I expanded it on the left side and used the patch tool to fill it in.
Then I made a duplicate layer in b/w. (changed the opacity a lil)
Then I put in some text.


Monday, July 20, 2009

iHeartFaces Week 28


These are my feet. (No they are not normally that dirty, lol)

You can't see my right ankle in this picture, but it has caused me a LOT of problems in my life. I broke it on the first day of first grade, and wasn't allowed to go to the nurse. No one believed me so I had to live with it for a year. Finally, in the second grade I had an MRI, and a few weeks later had surgery. It was the scariest thing for an 8 year old! My ankle had been fine since then, but at the beginning of this summer I hurt it again while I was playing tennis. The doctor said no tennis for a month. That almost killed me because I'm going to try out for the tennis team at my new high school, and I'm hoping to be a freshman on varsity.
My ankle is well enough to play on now, but I have to wear a gross brace, hah.
So those are my feet... minus one ankle with a nasty scar.
(btw, I know... I have HUGE big toes)

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

iHeartFaces Week 27

Sports In Action

Here's a picture from my friends' baseball game. This is Tim. He asked me to come take pictures for them. This was his favorite. Hope you like it =)

Doesn't it seem like he's gonna breathe fire or somethin?? lol =)

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Monday, July 6, 2009

... That I May Not Cause Pain.

If you don't understand this picture... it's fine. I don't know if I understand it either. I don't know how or why it ended up like this, but I like it.

If God had meant for today to be perfect, he wouldn't have invented tomorrow.

don't ask

Sunday, July 5, 2009

iHeartFaces Week 26

Telling My Story: Patriotic Edition

I really didn't know what to say in this one... So here's an essay I wrote a few years ago for the Eagle's God, Flag, and Country contest. I made it to the state level of competition.

America. To some, home of purple mountain majesties and amber waves of grain. To others, home of hotdogs, baseball, and over-priced gasoline. We may all have different views of our great country’s purpose, but there is one purpose we all agree on. Freedom. That one, single word can be used to describe our entire country. It can mean different things for all of us. For me it means choices, opportunity, and the ability to make my life whatever I want it to be. I am truly blessed that I live in America. I and everyone around me can do whatever we want with out lives for the better of the world. Our world.
America’s freedom was not achieved easily. Many fought and died so that one day America could be known as the land of the free. Loyalty was a very important factor in the founding of our country. Even today, everyday, the soldiers in Iraq fight to make the world a better place. Some people couldn’t care less about what’s going on in other countries, but I do care. I am very proud to live in a country that cares about the rest of the world.
Being Americans means more than just living in America. You must live and breathe for justice. You must aspire to reach your full potential every day. Most important, you should remember that to achieve greatness, you must utilize the talents of everyone around you to maximize the good you do for our country.
I’m proud to live in this beautiful country for more reasons that hotdogs and baseball. By living in America, I know that someday when I have a family of my own, they will have bright futures ahead of them that only America has to offer. America.

Here are some pictures I thought were kinda patriotic.