Monday, July 20, 2009

iHeartFaces Week 28


These are my feet. (No they are not normally that dirty, lol)

You can't see my right ankle in this picture, but it has caused me a LOT of problems in my life. I broke it on the first day of first grade, and wasn't allowed to go to the nurse. No one believed me so I had to live with it for a year. Finally, in the second grade I had an MRI, and a few weeks later had surgery. It was the scariest thing for an 8 year old! My ankle had been fine since then, but at the beginning of this summer I hurt it again while I was playing tennis. The doctor said no tennis for a month. That almost killed me because I'm going to try out for the tennis team at my new high school, and I'm hoping to be a freshman on varsity.
My ankle is well enough to play on now, but I have to wear a gross brace, hah.
So those are my feet... minus one ankle with a nasty scar.
(btw, I know... I have HUGE big toes)

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  1. I actually think your feet are long and sleek! And you are only 14? I love your blog! And I love this music . . . I think I'm staying here until the song is over! Keep up with the posting. You are adorable! ;)

  2. Good shot! Sorry your ankle's bothering you. :(