Saturday, July 24, 2010

2nd Place.

I am in 4h.
I did a Digital Image Processing project this year.
I thought this would be a great project for me.
I worked long and hard to make it perfect.
I did absolutely wonderful at judging.
I knew I impressed the judge.
I lost to a girl who has a camera bigger than mine.
I feel horrible.
I knew this would happen.
I wish I had never even tried.
I hate this.


  1. You got second though, thats great! Just gives you something/someone to beat next time!

  2. Don't get discouraged! I'm sure your project was awesome. Look at all those buttons on your side bar from your "winning" photos. All those without a "big" camera. You have a real talent.

  3. You know what Alex? There will always be someone with a bigger camera than you, it's just the way it is. It doesn't mean you can give up. It doesn't mean you didn't do a great job. Not everyone can come in first all the time, that's how life works.

    Judging is subjective, one persons opinion. Had someone else been the judge things might have gone your way, who knows.

    I'd love to shoot like some of those people on I &heart; Faces but I can't afford a better camera. Sometimes I feel discouraged but photography is a passion and many people love my work, so I keep pressing on. You do the same thing! Photography is something you love and that's why you do it! Not to mention you're good at it : )

  4. You have amazing talent. Don't give up. We all face losses and disappointments but it's what we do in the face of these struggles that help define our character. Keep at it girl. You rock!

  5. alex - i know how you feel - everytime i enter a photo into i ♥ faces i end up feeling the same way. then i try to just work through it. i know my photos are good. i know i'm doing what i enjoy. i know i'm blessing others with my finished product. and that's what is important. not if i have awards or buttons to show for it. hang in there! your photos are awesome and among the best i've seen. anywhere.